A downloadable game for Windows

Play as a suave penguin, Pablo Slides, as you race down a hill in pursuit of fish and glory.

Collect red fish to speed up. You end up with a higher score the faster you go.


  • Left-right arrow keys to move
  • Hold up to speed up
  • Press space to uses a red fish. This increases you maximum speed.
  • Press down to slow down.


  • If you can over-take another penguin without crashing into them you earn a few extra fish
  • The game rewards you the faster you go. Use your red fish carefully!
  • If you get over 50 fish, Pablo puts on some sunglasses. No buffs. Just, well, sunglasses...


  • All code by Coconut Bonce
  • All art by Coconut Bonce
  • Music by Kir. Goto https://opengameart.org/users/kir for more awesome soundtracks. I used "Picnic on the Lower Yik" and made no changes. Thank you very much! :)

Credits can also be found in-game.

Install instructions

Download, un-zip, click on "Pablo Slides", enjoy! :)


Pablo Slides.zip 10 MB

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