A downloadable game for Windows

Fly and shoot your way through 8 levels, 3 boss fights and a load of explosions in this side-scrolling, retro-ish shooter!

Includes 4 different items to collect after you defeat your enemies including: extra points and upgrades for your fighter plane.

Beat the game? There's always Infinite Battle which allows you to fight infinite waves of enemies for the highest score.


  • Arrow keys to move
  • Space to shoot
  • Ctrl to use screen-wipe weapon


  • Only the Helicopters and the Jets drop upgrades, health crates and extra ammo.
  • Look out for the grey mines. (Though I won't tell you why... Mwahaha...)
  • If you're getting overwhelmed by enemies, don't forget your screen wipe weapon (Press Ctrl). Remember though, you only have one and if you use it, you'll have to find some extra ammo.
  • The game doesn't save your progress (Except if you win) so be extra careful if you have low health. If you die, that's it!


Credits can also be found in-game

Install instructions

This downloads an installer. When you click "Download", you should see it pop up at the bottom of your screen. Wait for it to finish, then run the installer and follow the on-screen instruction. Easy-peasy :)


Dog Fight.exe 14 MB

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